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Outdoor Woodworking

Patio features and furniture can be expensive, especially any hand-crafted wood alternatives. Luckily Homeboys Home Improvement started with this niche, promising you significant cost savings by utilizing our own labor to design, construct and even deliver custom woodwork that will transform your backyard space.

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Smart home security

Home security has always been a necessary feature that has recently become more required, more advanced and thus more expensive. To combat this we've partnered with suppliers to deliver you the most economical & effective solutions that can be purchased and installed in your home on the same day. The best part about our products: they can all be controlled and monitored from your phone.

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Fixtures are often times the difference between an outdated and a modern room. They stick out especially when they stop working. Homeboys Home Improvement specializes in fixture repair/replacement and can restore or revamp your space accordingly. Feel free to provide your own or choose from our extensive collection of inventory for same-day service.

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Nothing establishes the mood more than the lighting in a space. Technology today allows us to control the color, brightness, and pattern of interior and exterior lights. Take advantage of our services today to amplify your entertainment rooms, accentuate your backyard and keep trouble away at night with ample visibility.

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Our team here can assist you in all of your mounting needs. We can hang equipment like TV's and even conceal their cables behind the walls. Storage space is a commodity that our floating shelves can most certainly grant you more of in style.

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Air conditioning

To maintain a healthy indoor environment at home, it is recommended that your air filters are swapped out every 6 months. When was the last time you changed yours? If more circulation is needed in a room of your house we can assist by installing a new unit.

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Plumbing systems are essential parts of our homes and they prove their worth with nasty consequences when they stop working properly. Whether you're toilet's not working, drains aren't draining, or strange smells are coming from your pipes, we'll take a look and correct the fault in the system.

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